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Small Fixes

My main priority is making sure that landlord’s make a profit on their property investments and that is something I have instilled in everyone here at Rocket.

If landlords make a profit, they will hold onto their properties and then there will be more options on the market for tenants, so everyone wins.

Unfortunately, however, in recent years it seems agents are more focused on their own self-interest than in making landlord’s profit, but not at Rocket.

We go the extra mile to help landlords cut costs and maximise their profits and one of the ways we do that is by taking care of minor repairs and issues ourselves.

Our two lettings’ agents Matt and Charlie have been showing the initiative to take matters into their own hands rather than the landlords having to pay expensive call out charges.

A tenant recently reported no hot water and to call someone out would have cost the landlord at least £180, but instead, Charlie called the tenant’s son on FaceTime and walked him through how to top up the pressure on the boiler and reset it, which worked and the tenant quickly had their hot water restored.

And this is not the first time Charlie has showed this kind of initiative. It was reported to him by another tenant that their extractor fan was broken and so he went round, took the fuse out of the kettle and put it in the extractor fan, which worked, saving the landlord around £300-£400 that it would have cost for an electrician to visit.

Matt has also dealt with similar issues and on one occasion a tenant told him their fire alarm had fallen off the ceiling and so he quickly popped round and screwed it back in, preventing the landlord having to pay for someone to go over and re-fit it.

And we have made it a company policy to keep a stock of carbon monoxide alarms that we make sure to install whenever they stop working at our landlord’s properties to help cut costs.

Often when tenants report issues to their agents, the first port of call for most agents is to send someone over at the expense of the landlord.

But, here at Rocket, we make sure to go back and ask questions and see if the problem is something that we can solve quickly and easily ourselves.

This may not seem like a huge money saver, but over a period of time it can make a real difference and in the current market, landlord’s need all the help they can get to make a profit and that is exactly what we aim to provide at Rocket.