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Our portfolio reviews have helped hundreds of property investors identify opportunities to add value to their property and increase returns.

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Our partial and full portfolio reviews are for clients who want to ensure they are doing everything possible to achieve maximum short and long term return on their investments. We analyse the market to ensure the highest possible rent is achieved, consider gross yield and net returns, review costs and consider whether or not there are any improvements required to the properties themselves, in order to increase their value to you.

If you are considering becoming a client of ours, we offer a free one-hour portfolio review to maximise your income.

Who has time to stay consistently tuned-in to the live property market? We do.

It's a time consuming occupation to monitor London’s fast-moving property market. But if you want to ensure an optimised portfolio, it’s essential.

We combine the latest market information with our own impartial advice to boost your profit and ensure that you’re ahead of the game.

Portfolio Review

Track market rents

We’re immersed in London’s live property market and can ensure you’re achieving the highest fair rent for your property.

Boost property value

Where there is potential to add value to a property through use of space or upgrading facilities, we will identify it as part of the portfolio review process.

Review costs

From incorrect service charges to unnecessary contractor call-out fees, we review expenditure on your property and build you a more structured and reliable financial plan.

This summer I transferred my Buy-to-Let portfolio to Rocket, having found my existing agent unable to give me the attention I required. Whilst nervous about the process of moving manager I am delighted to have made the change. Ben and his team offer a highly professional and personal service and this was evident during the handover. Regular conversations kept me in the loop as to what was happening and the switch has been seamless. Rocket provides a highly professional personalised service which in my experience is rare, if not unique, in the London property management industry. They ensure my income is paid on time and any arrears chased immediately and all contractor costs scrutinised and challenged. I couldn’t be happier.”




High quality accommodation

Engaged, proactive agents

Speedy issue resolution


Maximum fair profit achieved

Lower costs

Satisfied, high value tenants


Long-term relationships built on trust

Pride from ethical success

Pro-active and fair solutions for all

Property Review

We recognise there are many factors affecting the profitability and efficiency of managing your property. Its a time consuming occupation to stay in-tune with the live property market. Luckily for you, we have 4 decades under our belt and can share that experience with you during a portfolio review.

Reserve 30 minutes with Ben for a portfolio Review.

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Are you paying your management agent too much for too little?

We provide a proactive, honest and common sense solution, switching to us usually involves just 1 email to your current agent - we do the rest.

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