Responsible Refurbishment

Overspending on refurbishment is common. We protect your profits with refurbishments that pay.

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Responsible Refurbishment

Overspending on refurbishment is common. We protect your profits with refurbishments that pay.

Many of our clients are new to the rental market, and it is not uncommon for inexperienced landlords to overspend when preparing their property. We take care of basic makeovers, through to full refurbishments and experience has taught us what tenants want, what they need, and what they can do without.

We keep you fully informed of any changes in national or London legislation, enabling you to comply with HMO licensing. With that in mind, we prepare and furnish your property in a way that is durable, attractive, and fit-for-purpose. With a buy-to-let investment, we can arrange anything from a basic makeover to a comprehensive refurbishment.

Trusted Contractors

Our trusted contractors are efficient and carry out high quality work. They do not charge commission. We manage the payment process for you, receiving invoices and payments via our client account.

Portfolio Review

Keeping Costs Down

We know what is needed and,most importantly, what is not. Our refurbishments keep costs down without compromising on safety, quality and marketability.

Trusted Contractors

We only use trusted contractors. We will never charge markups and no additional fees ensures that you get what you pay for. We manage all payments.

Council Legislation

We keep up-to-date on any changes in national or London legislation, ensuring that the refurbishments meet the required standard for HMO licensing

I have worked with Rocket since its inception. The ease of moving my properties to their management book was seamless, very easy and efficient. In the time since then, I have found the Rocket team to be thoroughly professional and competent in all aspects of day to day property management, from running repairs required to rent collection and tenant liaison. I would have no hesitation in recommending their service to any prospective property owners that have become disillusioned by their current property management arrangements. Rocket have proved to be a really astute property partner, they are a welcome and refreshing team in the sector.”




High quality accommodation

Engaged, proactive agents

Speedy issue resolution


Maximum fair profit achieved

Lower costs

Satisfied, high value tenants


Long-term relationships built on trust

Pride from ethical success

Pro-active and fair solutions for all

Property Review

We recognise there are many factors affecting the profitability and efficiency of managing your property. Its a time consuming occupation to stay in-tune with the live property market. Luckily for you, we have 4 decades under our belt and can share that experience with you during a portfolio review.

Reserve 30 minutes with Ben for a portfolio Review.

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Are you paying your management agent too much for too little?

We provide a proactive, honest and common sense solution, switching to us usually involves just 1 email to your current agent - we do the rest.

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