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A message for environmentally conscious landlords

In today’s climate, sustainability and the environment are topics on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

And for our landlords here at Rocket, we not only encourage them to take steps to becoming more eco-friendly for the purposes of saving the planet, but also because it helps their wallets.

So, if you’re a landlord too then you might want to keep reading.

All properties have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating and at the moment the government allows properties to be let that are an E rating or above.

But, there are considerations for the requirements to change to a C rating or above and so it is important for landlords who want to rent out their properties to take steps towards making them as efficient as possible from an energy standpoint.

Even if you’re not looking to let your property, securing a better EPC rating is in the interest of all landlords, as mortgage companies will give you a better rate, so you can save money on your mortgage by taking a few simple steps.

One of the best and easiest ways to get a better EPC rating is by installing LED lightbulbs, so that’s something we always check for when doing electrical testing or taking on a new property.

You can also get yourself a more efficient A rated boiler when the time for a change comes around.

And if you’re doing a bigger refurb, as well as complying with building regulation requirements, think about how you can improve the energy performance of the property through upgrading the insulation in the loft, floors and even the walls.

One property we recently did a refurb for has just received its new EPC rating, taking it from an E to a C, which will not only save the landlord money, but it will also help the environment.

And being eco-friendly is not something we exclusively expect of our landlords, but here at Rocket we care too.

We’re always taking small, but not insignificant, steps towards trying to be better to the environment, for example our company car is electric.

Our whole business is also set up to be digital, so we literally have no paper or files in the office and anything that comes in gets scanned, shredded and recycled.

From a practical standpoint, we try our best to repair and fix rather than replacing when possible, which you can read about in our small fixes blog.

If the washing machine is having problems, the blinds are broken or some furniture is damaged, at Rocket we’ll look to fix these issues first rather than immediately buying something new, which is often the instinct of most agents.

All in all, the way the property industry now functions in the modern world is naturally moving to becoming more eco-friendly in terms of virtual viewings and meetings that result in less travel.

Of course there is always more that can be done and we’re open to suggestions, because here at Rocket we’re determined to do our part to help move the property industry in the right direction by becoming more conscious of the environment and sustainability.