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RocketPM: The Hassle-Free Solution to Property Management Woe

Pete the Portfolio Landlord

Meet our client, who used to work in the City and built a small portfolio of buy-to-let properties as an additional pension provision. With increasing maintenance costs, a lack of control over charges, and concerns about not getting market rentals and rising interest rates, he felt tied-in with their existing agent and didn't have the time to find a new one.

That's where RocketPM came in. We negotiated the termination of the existing agent's contract and transferred the management of the properties with minimal involvement from the client. Our goal was to maximise income and minimise costs while providing full transparency on all costs proposed and incurred.

The outcome was a huge success. After providing a copy of the existing agent's terms and agreeing to and signing RocketPM's terms, the landlord issued just one email to the agent. RocketPM then negotiated the notice period and legacy fees to be paid by RocketPM. All properties were transferred within the agreed three-month notice period, and all documents were provided from agent to agent.

RocketPM also discovered that some works quoted by the previous agent were not required, and they educated the tenants on how to solve the problem, saving the landlord over £2500. Additionally, works quoted at £2000 were completed for just £650. Renewals were also taken over mid-negotiation, increasing monthly and annual income.

Our client is now a happy landlord with increased income, reduced costs, and complete transparency on all charges. With RocketPM, they've found a property management service they can trust.

Paying your management agent too much for poor service?

We provide a proactive, honest and common sense solution, switching to us usually involves just 1 email to your current agent – we do the rest.

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