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Say Goodbye to Damp Woes

Damp and mould issues are a common problem faced by landlords and tenants, especially during the winter months. But the good news is, there are simple solutions to prevent and resolve these issues without breaking the bank. As agents, we have saved many landlords a fortune with some practical advice that doesn't require expensive contractors.

First and foremost, when a tenant reports black mould, it's crucial to investigate whether the moisture is coming from a source that's the landlord's responsibility to repair. This could be due to plants that need to be removed, blocked gutters, or downpipes. We always visit the property or ask tenants to send us photos or videos, which is a rare practice among most agents.

However, most of the time, the water causing the dampness is produced by human occupation. When we sleep, we produce a considerable amount of water, which can lead to condensation on walls and windows. If not dealt with properly, the condensation turns to mould, causing even more problems. The solution is simple: open the windows or vents at night, close them in the morning, and turn on the heating. The warmth will dry the walls and the room, and the ventilation will allow the moisture to escape.

In case mould has already formed, there are three simple steps to resolve the issue. Firstly, ventilate the room by opening windows or wiping the moisture with a towel and washing it. Secondly, heat the room to dry the walls and improve ventilation. Lastly, use anti-mould spray, which is a simple mixture of bleach and water that kills any mould spores.

We make it a point to explain these simple solutions to tenants so that they can help themselves. We also check the property for any external sources of water that could be causing the dampness. In most cases, tenants can solve the problem themselves. However, if decorations, additional heating, or improved ventilation are required, the agent works out a solution and recommends it to both the tenant and the landlord. There's no need to call a contractor first and spend a fortune on repairs.

Don't let dampness damage your property or your wallet. Follow these easy tips and say goodbye to damp issues for good.